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"August Osage County"
St. Louis Rep

by Tracy Letts 

Directed by Amelia Acosta Powell 

March 19th-April 7th 2024

Happy to report getting to do a bucket list play in hometown. Working with some great friends on this one, and we are all excited to bring this production to St. Louis

"Ramona at Midlife"

Written and Directed by Brooke Berman

World Premiere at Bentonville Film Festival 2023

Returning to work with the incredible Brooke Berman!  This is an incredible story and an incredible feature debut.  So excited it is getting accolades!

chicago pd.jpg
"Gruesome Playground Injuries"
St. Louis Rep

by Rajiv Joseph 

Directed by Becks Redman

April 14th-May 14th 2023

I have loved this play from the first time I read it.  So excited to be able to put this piece up in my hometown with amazing people.

"The Lifespan of a Fact"
St. Louis Rep

by Jeremy Kareken, Daved Murrell and Gordon Farrell Directed by Meredith McDonough

October 16th-November 10th 2019

Making my hometown debut in a play that hits very close to home.  Could not be more excited to work with this group in this theater!

Chicago PD, Season 7, Ep. 5
Brother's Keeper

October 23rd, 2019


These actors and crew were a blast to work with.  My first time firing a weapon on screen...I liked it.

"Brainworks: The Theatre of Neuroscience"
Nine Network

Created by Dr. Eric Leuthardt and Dr. Albert Kim Directed by Seth Logan

July 19th-21st 2019

This is a set of plays that hit very close to home for me. It will be a live performance for three nights, and available in the future on PBS.

"Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"
Actors Theatre of Louisville

by Simon Stephens Directed by Meredith McDonough

September 18th-October 10th 2018

Returning to Actors Theater of Louisville in this moving play about a young man's journey.

"Murder Bury Win"
Feature Thriller

Written and Directed by Michael Lovan

May 2018

These people could not be more fun and imaginative.  Really excited to see how this one turns out.

"Angels in America"
Actors Theatre of Louisville

by Tony Kushner Directed by Meredith McDonough

August 29th-October 14th 2017

So excited to make my Actors Theater of Louisville debut playing Joe Pitt in both parts of this iconic play.  Cannot wait to work with this amazing cast.

"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"
South Coast Rep

by Tracy Thorne

May 30th 2017

Really happy to participate in a reading with these incredible folks down at South Coast.  Hope to see a full production of this show soon.

"Black Super Hero Magic Mama" Pasadena Playhouse

by Inda Craig-Galván

May 16-20, 2017

Did a workshop of this show with some familiar faces.  It is getting an LA premiere this year and all should check it out.  Inda is a new voice, and a very important one.

Steppenwolf run of "Straight White Men" extended to March 26th!


"Straight White Men" at The Steppenwolf Theater

by Young Jean Lee

February 2-March 19, 2017

I am so excited to join the cast in a new production of "Straight White Men."  Have wanted to work at this theater with these people for a long time.



by Rajiv Joseph

November 2016


Joined an incredible cast of artists for the CTG workshop of Rajiv Joseph's new play.  This show will be at the Mark Taper Forum from April 18th-May 28th.  I cannot wait to see it.

Masters of Sex Season Finale

Nov. 13, 2016

These people were amazing to work with.  Loved everyone on set.  Hope this show keeps going for a long time.

Madoka Raine wins screenwriting award!

Oct. 23rd, 2016

Madoka Raine, the writer/director/producer of "Happy 40th" gets top screenwriting honors at LA Femme International Film Festival.

Flash Fest 2016

Oct. 2016

For three weekends, Chalk put up 15 plays with a diverse point of view on religion and politics. This is the cornerstone of our productions because it focuses on site specific works with a diverse group of writers, actors and directors.  This was a major sucess and a lot of fun to work on.

"Death and Cockroaches" by Eric Reyes Loo gets workshop.

August 2016

Eric's play about a gay "Chexican" writer learning about life and loss while he takes care of his dying father was a play that I loved from first read.  The reading was at Circle X, and we are now looking for a space to mount a full produciton. I produced and acted in this one.

"Tangles in the Brain" by Kristen Jones gets workshop production.

June 2016

After hearing this play at writers group, chalk decided to do a week long intensive workshop that ended with a reading at a proposed space for a future fully mounted production. I produced the workshop which featured Chalk members Teri Reeves and Peter Wylie.

"Straight White Men" at Kirk Douglas Theater

by Young Jean Lee

Nov. 20-Dec. 20, 2015

I am really honored to be a part of this production.  It is an important play for this city and this moment in time. Excited to join this amazing group of artists and be directed by Young Jean Lee.


"Happy 40th" Opening Night Film
at High Falls Film Festival

Nov. 12-16, 2015

Happy 40th offered the opening night slot at festival that celebrates female filmmakers!  Get your tickets at:



"Happy 40th" hits another festival!

Oct. 8-11, 2015


To go along with the distribution deal with Global Genesis Group, Happy 40th is going to Bend Film Festival.



"Happy 40th" gets 1st runner up for audience prize at Woods Hole

August 1, 2015


Keep going Happy 40th.  Great to see audiences loving it.

Rizzoli & Isles Season 6: Misconduct Game

July 14th 2015


Had a blast working on this show.  Great experience, such wonderful people to work with.  Could do that everyday!


June 16th 2015


Joined a great cast and production at the Mark Taper Forum today.  Playing various bad guys, and looking forward to working with Moisés Kaufman.  

SIFF Grand Jury nomination

May 28th 2015


"Happy 40th" is screening well at Seattle International Film Festival.  Got to visit Seattle for first time. Film nominated for Grand Jury Prize!

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