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Ramona at Midlife

Valerie Complex June 2022

As Ramona faces up to her disappointments and wrecked friendships, she finds true creative power and is finally ready to become her best self. A comedy about who we are now.

Gruesome Playground Injuries

Tina Farmer April 2023

The storytelling and performances are captivating and surprisingly cathartic. If you can let yourself be carried away, you may be rewarded with a sliver of hope that veers into the sublime.

The Lifespan of a Fact

Rob Levy October 2019

Brian Slaten gives a performance that perfectly blends comedy and determination with hints of melancholy, giving audiences a turn that epitomizes the artist...

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Keith Waits September 2018

I enjoyed Brian Slaten's interpretation of Ed very much. He truly expressed his frustrations of raising his special son as well as how much he does love him.

Angels in America

​Keith Waits September 2017 

As Joe, Brian Slaten embodies the quiet struggle of supporting a spouse who is ill while coming to terms with his own truths.

Straight White Men

​Patrick Rybarczyk February 2017 

Slaten's nuanced portrayal of Matt makes you empathize with him and his struggle and conflict.

Straight White Men

​Bill Raden November 2015

With Straight White Men, her deliciously sly and surprisingly poignant look at the conundrum of white male entitlement...proves to be a tiger in sheep's clothing

The Harvard-educated Matt (marvelously underplayed by Brian Slaten)...

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Happy 40th

​Dennis Harvey July 2015

It’s not a very happy birthday party for the principal celebrant of “Happy 40th,” who’s spent two years isolated and withdrawn since a serious car accident. She reunites with old friends in a chamber piece that first-time feature writer-director Madoka Raine handles with considerable skill...

Don Grigware July 2015

The acting company is superb from top to bottom...

Fool For Love

​Shari Barrett June 2014

Brian Slaten is the kind of man any woman would find hard to resist, so it is no wonder his Eddie drives May to the point of distraction and madness. With just a flash in his eyes or the sneer at the side of his mouth, Slaten dominates the small room with his inner sexy beast. 

Five Mile Lake
Myron Meisel April 2014

As Danny, Brian Slaten has to pack a lot of emotion and information into a smaller role, and he manages that feat very well....

The Liar
Elyse Cook November 2013

Three cast members did shine a bit brighter than the rest:  Brian Slaten portrayed Clinton, the ever truthful servant and conscience of the play;...

Lady Windermere's Fan

Bill Raden August 2013


Brian Slaten's hunky cynical roué, Lord Darlington, now not only has the best lines but imbues them with the poignant ache of disappointed romantic yearning...

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